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Neil Barrett is a United States Marine Corps veteran and advocate for Veterans across America. He created VA Review as an opportunity to shed some light on the veteran experience in individual Veterans Affairs Hospitals.

Report: Patients ‘at risk’ at DC VA Medical Center

On April 12, 2017 the Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General (VA OIG) released an interim report outlining significant substandard conditions at the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center in the Nation’s Capital. The inspection was triggered by an anonymous complaint filed by one VA employee, when they wrote in an email that

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Make VA Appointments on your Smart Phone

The VA recently announced the launch of a new initiative that would allow veterans to schedule some medical appointments using their smartphone using a web app called Veteran Appointment Request, or VAR for short. According to a previous VA Press Release, this specific web app has been in the works for at least twelve

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VA Leadership Backs Legislation Allowing the Removal of Unfit Employees

In a Press Release issued on Friday, March 31, the Veterans Affairs (VA) announced they officially support accountability legislation that would allow newly appointed Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin to expediently remove employees that are unfit for employment. This came shortly after one VA employee was caught watching pornography while with a patient

Overpaid by the VA? They May Be Coming For You

In an effort to clean up the backlog of Compensation and Pension requests, it appears that the VA is also discovering that they may have been overpaying some veterans.  Now that these accounting errors have been identified, the VA is starting to come after veterans to be reimbursed for these over payments. While it

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Veterans Affairs Could See a 6% Increase In Budget

In the midst of many proposed budget reallocations within the Federal Government, the Department of Veterans Affairs is one of the few agencies that may see a budget increase in fiscal year 2018; albeit a meager six percent. The Budget request includes increased funding for and extension of the Veterans Choice program, making it easier

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Negligence of VA Dentist Risks the Lives of 600 Veterans

Tomah, WI – It was reported last week that nearly 600 Veterans of Tomah VA Medical Center may have been exposed to a number of infectious disease, to include HIV, Hepatitis B, and C, at the hands of one Dentist. The unidentified Dentist is said to have been violating VA regulations by reusing his own dental

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