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    8 Reviews on “VA Loma Linda”

    1. Gary Saccone VA Loma Linda
      Overall Rating:

      VA Loma Linda they do bad service they had make me go to pre-op for surgery and everything else and now they tell me they don’t know anything doesn’t make sense what the problem is I had to take all these different test and test after test and I talked to the surgeon and surgery surgery to do surgery now they do not know nothing they need to get their act together going to make another phone call tomorrow I’ve been on the phone every day trying to get something accomplished and I have numbered problems of my neck and my right arm is really bad and my next real bad and they know this but they’re not do anything about it yet but a surgeon says we need to do this and do this and I was in the hospital over this reason to my whole side was just jumping around very poor service something need to be done about this if they want to contact me at [REMOVED] and try to solve this problem would be nice

    2. Mario141 VA Loma Linda
      Overall Rating:

      The Loma Linda hospital needs a crap load of im provements but, the emergency room is bad as well. Their is no patient privacy. The Nurse Practitioner sat a patient in the hall and proceded to talk to him about his medical condition where everyone can here them, and she does this to the other 4 patience. When she talked to me i had to tell her to close the door for patient confidentiality. I guess staff there didn’t hear about the privacy act.

    3. keith VA Loma Linda
      Overall Rating:

      I hate va loma Linda, waited months to get a mental health doc that didn’t read my file at all. Didn’t properly treat my reason for the appointment. Tried telling me my sleep was the problem.. tired to say that my Perfectly good childhood what the reason for my PTSD and not the fact I was blown up by a Svbied with 2000 pounds of anfo in the back of a Bongo truck. The medicAtion he prescribed Trazodone and Celexa Made things worse because he treating my mood with sleeping pills and having me dose up to 200mg of trazodone it really made things worse, messed with my anxiety badly anger and blood pressure

    4. G clous VA Loma Linda
      Overall Rating:

      Women’s mental healtth care lacks.no female combat support group as taken away years ago.ptsd for females mixed with males..women’s clinic started great then diminished away.va s subcontract transportation. Puts wheelchairs trunk n damage.van drivers untrained on safety. Rode N complained n wrote up but in one ear n out another .horrible.a company that pulls out of every other calif va won’t sign loma linda..hba wash DC got involved to fix accessability issues in new clinics built lacking them.2 suicides on campus

    5. Profile photo of Blas. DeLeonBlas. DeLeon VA Loma Linda
      Overall Rating:

      I have waited up to 8 hours at the ER . I have not had a primary doctor for over a year the last time I went in the nurse practitioner saw me and had all my meds mail to me they were all worng. So I have started seeing a doctor in a private hospital and it’s costing money me and my family don’t have. They need to fix this place.

    6. Profile photo of TIm StubbeTIm Stubbe VA Loma Linda
      Overall Rating:

      Speaking from Personal Experience. The VA health system is a joke. The Dr’s at the clinics (specifically Rancho Cucamonga) care more about computer input than they do about helping anyone. I went into the Clinic in March 2016 complaining of problem with my vision. It took 6 weeks to get to Loma Linda for a Retinal Scan which showed my eyes were so cloudy they couldn’t get a picture. Then the Dr at the clinic sent me 6 weeks later to have them check for glasses (are you frickin kidding me) So I go in and they tell me I need to see a specialist. Really??? another 6 weeks went by and I see the specialist and they do a 5 minute laser procedure an fix my Left eye. 24 weeks to get a 5 minute procedure, and by that time I could barely drive out to Loma Linda my vision was so bad. With the VA you have 2 choices. Wait 3 months for help or go to Emergency, which most don’t do. My recommendation would be to sell the clinics and hospitals and give each veteran a insurance card where they could go to their own DR and get treated. Or Hospital and get treated.

    7. Profile photo of Paul ChabotPaul Chabot VA Loma Linda
      Overall Rating:

      Allow me to express, as an Iraq War veteran who depends on the Veterans Administration for after-care, just how bad this form of government-run medicine has become.

      Never in my life would I have expected to return from war to enter into a hospital system so poorly managed, organized and equipped – its administration is an absolute failure; it lacks common sense, urgency and the ability to act.

      I have great respect for the VA volunteers, the organizations that serve our vets through these facilities and those staff and doctors who try every single day to make a difference in this broken system. For this I greatly and deeply thank you – and I hope this commentary raises issues not only visible to the veterans, but to you as well. We can often see the frustration on your faces.

      The VA-Loma Linda Hospital is so out of touch with the reality and the importance of its mission, that it’s time to speak up and demand immediate change – new leadership, oversight and action.

      I recently witnessed a World War II vet at VA-Loma Linda waiting for help with serious skin burns and scabs. I overhead a doctor tell him the soonest he could see a specialist is at least three months away. I witnessed a blind veteran wet himself because he was forced to wait so long for his appointment. The waiting rooms are filled with frustrated veterans who see a system falling apart. This is outrageous – this is un-American – criminals in the California state prison system are getting quicker medical treatment than vets! I know – I worked in the prison system as a parole board commissioner.

      If the vet is more than 15 minutes late to their appointment, they are rescheduled – and those appointments are often months away. A vet visiting the VA can expect to find no parking for a morning appointment, often circling the facility or risking a ticket for parking in the excess of private spaces solely for government vehicles. Vets wait in long lines to see a receptionist for check-in and wait again, often up to an hour, before seeing a nurse. When the vet is called to see the doctor, yet another wait occurs – waiting for the doctor to make their rounds to all the rooms filled by vets.

      Like most vets, additional services and follow-up visits with specialists are required, but unlike the private sector, the wait for these appointments can be months down the road; a depressing feeling for any veteran forced into this government-run system.

      Some vets are so disabled, so economically depressed, they receive travel assistance. But in order for these vets to receive help from the Travel Office, inside the VA-Loma Linda Hospital, the vet is once again forced to wait in a long line in a crowed hallway. If the Vet needs medication, it’s another long wait in an overcrowded waiting room.

      Disability claims for vets are often a year behind – and that’s another editorial, completely. The public restrooms are so dilapidated and filthy that the VA staff has their own restrooms with combination locks to keep the public out, which in this case are vets.

      There is no such thing as “urgent care.” If you have an immediate medical illness, you may wait hours behind other patients to see your government-appointed primary doctor, or go the ER and wait longer.

      Required operative procedures are so back-logged, often no appointments are available in the foreseeable future. Complaints are not responded to appropriately – hospital “leaders” do not return phone calls.

      Loma Linda VA is a ship at sea – damaged, in despair and without a captain. With the countless number of new vets soon to enter our VA system, every American must demand action. Over 500,000 vets live in the region; the VA at Loma Linda services 65,000 and growing. Sure, construction is occurring, but the wars have been going on for over a decade – shouldn’t they have been better prepared? Every elected official – local, state and federal – must make this their priority: Walk the halls of the VA, talk with vets, hold a town-hall in your community, hear the concerns, take action.

      To every reader taken back by this story – this is ObamaCare – this is government-run health care. Don’t let this happen to the rest of America; you and your loved ones deserve better.

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