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    17 Reviews on “San Francisco VA Medical Center”

    1. Joseph San Francisco VA Medical Center
      Overall Rating:

      Went to san Francisco VA hospital to see about heart surgery, I gad my 9yr old daughter with me i was appalled by the stand just inside the main door way , it was a stand full of FAG Flags and two faggots working the stand, one tried to call my 9yr old daughter over and give her some of there bullshit. I told them we shoot faggots where I live and I think that should be everywhere, how dare the Federal facility have this stand on federal government grounds,

    2. Dawn N. San Francisco VA Medical Center
      Overall Rating:

      I’ve had both good and bad experiences here. The Travel section is the worst. Rudest people I’ve experienced there. I don’t know how many times they made me feel like I was lying about where I live when claiming mileage. For a while every time I went there they demanded proof of where I lived. I can’t help it if I live 6 hours away!
      I’ve checked in for appointments using the electronic kiosks, had my appointment then found I was reported as missing my appointment. what???
      I had an occasion to spend the night in the hospital after an ACL reconstruction. The Doctor was amazing and caring! The night nurses is another story. Do they not have many women admitted or something? Because they acted like they didn’t know what to do, when they “finally” responded to my call light, because I was asking for help getting to the bathroom.
      Privacy is not high on the list either. I don’t know how many times I was exposed to others.
      And, how many different interns do you have to see, having to tell your story again and again? I’ve finally been able to see the same doctor two times in a row now, so feel like I’m making progress. Or you get a doctor who brings a slew of interns in and spends more time talking to them then to you.
      After all that, I am thankful for having the services of the VA.

    3. Dusty Rhodes San Francisco VA Medical Center
      Overall Rating:

      I have received Dental Care at SFVAMC Fort Miley and it has been OUTSTANDING from the care to the people and they way they treat you. I could go on about the people and quality of care.

      I have had several surgeries and over night stays and was out right IMPRESSED with every facet of what happened from Pre Surgery, care after surgery, to the dieticians, nurses. Everything. Had a few issues with keeping my daily meds correct while in patient but they got worked out. The Nurses each time (4-5 inpatient stays) have always been professional, personable, and interested in providing quality care. Did have an issue with an LVN, expressed it to the Charge Nurse in my wing and never saw that young lady again in my room.

      VA Police have been friendly yet professional and I feel safe there.

      The Travel Office is Sub Standard to say the least. Takes weeks and months sometimes to get reimbursed and then they don’t tell you that Hotel Reimbursement is at a reduced rate until you have stayed several times, with a letter saying “at VA expense”, and then you notice it is half what you paid. Then the Member Services Office makes excuses for delays and their lack of ability to properly reimburse what they said I would be reimbursed, with one telling me “You know this is a benefit and not a right?” My brain almost exploded over that.

      Pharmacy. Never an issue. And those people take some abuse from the pill poppers, however have always been nice and friendly when picking up my prescriptions after surgery.

      The Hoptel is an absolute EMBARASSMENT! Two man rooms that don’t even rate on the level of a No Tell Motel in the Red Light District!!!! They have a new one being built which looks much nicer but still two man rooms. When they send Staff for training or conferences do you think they put them in two man rooms of such low quality?

      The major problem with SFVAMC is it is confusing to find places due to it being older then Moses. They have limited space and are trying to piece together what they can with what space they can.

      Parking is an ABSOLUTE CLUSTER FOXTROT! I try to make my appointments mid morning so there is room in the parking garage at the front and it seems to work but it is like fitting 5 pounds of crap in a 3 pound bag, the parking is that bad.

    4. Mike Jacobs San Francisco VA Medical Center
      Overall Rating:

      Having had DBS surgery in 2013 there, the staff I had contact with were professional and caring. That said however, the ‘on-site’ accommodations for out of town visitors was extremely sub-par. One of the 2 bldgs did not even have hot water available. Thankfully, we were able to get decent rooms a the Geary Park Motel.

    5. Louish E Hudson San Francisco VA Medical Center
      Overall Rating:

      Boise Idaho,isnt a good va,first off you cant even talk to who you want too,you cant get them to answer the phone,my primary care pa quit or got fired and never have talked to or met my new provider.If you have an appointment,youll wait for a long time,and then theyll send a nurse to talk to you,what a waste of time.almost bled to death from a colonascopy,and I wont have another done at this VA.

    6. Timothy Preston San Francisco VA Medical Center
      Overall Rating:

      I have been going here for 15 years for a variety of issues. This place is the furthest thing from personal care one can receive. They process our vets like cattle and have absolutely no respect for a person’s time. I have never had any of my visits be productive. It is always the same… “let’s get you into physical therapy and see you again in six weeks.” They will never opt for surgery unless pressed hard to do so, long after permanent damage has set it. My friends all have the same story, just wishing we had been more successful in life to get real medical care. It’s a sad place, and the foreign nurses and doctors make me feel like we lost all of our wars in the end.

    7. Eric C. San Francisco VA Medical Center
      Overall Rating:

      –anyone who visited this location and parks in the garage by building 8 please read–

      They will NOT inform you that the lot is full until you are stuck inside or have to back out and hope you don’t hit someone

      The last time I got pissed at a valet person was in a video game.

      The last time I was told that a lot is full, there was a glaring sign at the electronic entrance of the parking lot.

      The last time I got a dent in my car, someone else thought they had Asian geometry skills on parking in a garage.

      –The valet workers here for parking are incompetent “F-1 ” expired pigs who shove so many cars into a tight 1 floor 1 way space in the parking garage, You could swear you are looking at their backlogged system files rather than their parking structure…

      It would take years to clean this hard drive….I mean parking lot out without damaging the contents..

      They crammer a single set of parking spaces suitable for 6-15 cars via preset available slots…and banged another 14 cars so tightly into an already confined spacing.. you could cause the alarms to go off just by opening your car window..

      Its a fire hazard. Its a safety concern. And its a liability… oh wait a minute… valet ppl say they aren’t responsible for damages to your vehicle when unattended…

      Uhhh if I let you drive it yourself to a parking spot…dam well your liable…

      Asians in general are supposed to be good in math…how the hell can you for a Chrysler Town and Country Limited into a subcompact space?…..that’s essentially what they did with multiple cars…

      You wonder why you find brand new “decals” on your vehicle…That no Topping rule is suitable for them in particular..

      I’m sticking with street parking..

    8. Marshal Johnston San Francisco VA Medical Center
      Overall Rating:

      I visited this hospital and I was really impressed with how nice the staff was to the patients. This review is not for the entire hospital as I was only in one area. I really like that they have snack machines and snack bars with edible stuff that make waiting long periods of time a little more tolerable.

      I have ONE really big suggestion and I really hope someone is reading. During a visit I noticed an elderly man sitting on a wheelchair trying to stand up to go to the bathroom. He had a very hard time doing so and his wife couldn’t really help him. He tried grasping at the wall but couldn’t stand up. I helped him stand but I’m sure this man was not the first or the last to experience this inconvenience at a hospital meant to cater people like himself. Put railings along the walls. Might not sound like a big deal but watching this man struggle was a pretty big deal.

    9. Lisa G. San Francisco VA Medical Center
      Overall Rating:

      fort milley, the SFVA, is the most funded VA in the country from my understanding, they do have far more progressive like programs than other VA’s. They get their part timers from sf parnassus which is a state of the art training facility.

      i’ve had good and bad experiences over the past 10 years at fort. milley. i’ve been to urgent care numerous times, the ER numerous times, i’ve even seen psych evaluation 51/50 check in up close and personal.

      i’ve done overnight testing, a week long EEG in-take monitoring and been through countless anger management, stress management, dcoping skills groups. i’ve had psychologist fellow after fellow for 8 years, ptsd groups, occupational therapy, physical therapy and many primary care doctor visits.

      I haven’t felt an urge to murder anybody at this facility and that itself is a telling marker in itself. Building 8 is the mental herb spot and this is the building in which I spent most of my time, it felt like home after awhile.

      My medication doctor, dr. Wolfe was and is by far the best there is concerning medication giver folk. I miss him dearly, my children liked him very much and they would come to my psyc appointments with me just absolutely thrilled to see dr. Wolfe.

      The parking lot is also good for a laugh or a quick pick me up…I used to enjoy reading the bumper stickers, I.e. The footprint of the American chicken and the symbol being the peace symbol ands u more idiotic slogans and pat on the back ego stroking words strung together.

      If you have gone to war and have come home with mental and emotional problems, you should go here, it’s good for said problems.

    10. Mason P. San Francisco VA Medical Center
      Overall Rating:

      This hospital has it better then any other VA hospitals in the country. The view is so beautiful and I will never forget that the environment around it is well preserved

    11. Hank Dime San Francisco VA Medical Center
      Overall Rating:

      The Very Best veterans medical care you can get,i started coming here in 1986 they rock.
      all of the staff, have been very respectful to my wife and i,they not only make sure you get what you need but they go that extra mile i Have the Best doctors, and nurses on my side thank you all for your hard work

    12. Tyrone DeQueen San Francisco VA Medical Center
      Overall Rating:

      The VA Medical Centers have been getting a lot of bad press. I haven;t heard anything negative about this location. As far as I can tell by what I’ve been told, and what I have observed when I have taken S here, this is a topnotch campus.

      The staff is caring. They seem to care more about their patients, than many private clinics and hospitals do. They have all the latest technology. I think are Veterans are in good hands when they come here.

    13. Tina Luther San Francisco VA Medical Center
      Overall Rating:

      Thank you again VA Medical Staff for taking care of our loved ones when they check in at emergency!!.

    14. Mike Dean San Francisco VA Medical Center
      Overall Rating:

      I used to climb up on Moraga hill and survey the mist laced landscape.

      There was something reassuring about the outline of San Francisco VA Medical Center in the picturesque distance. A prominent and symbolic building.

      The San Francisco VA Medical Center is a pillar of comfort for so many veterans in San Francisco. It’s a well maintained building that attempts to address the needs of those who are so intimately affected by the devastation of war. Whether it’s through programs for those suffering from PTSD or physical injuries and much more – the San Francisco VA Medical Ceneter has some extensive research and hands-on programs in place to aid the welfare of veteran patients. From my understanding they are continually looking for ways to improve their programs and genuinely care about addressing the health of veterans as a whole – both physically and mentally.

      I have known people who have worked at this facility and those that were patients there. Both were very passionate about the staff and the resources available here. Both expressed to me how blessed we are to have such a well funded and evolving space like the VA Medical Center here in San Francisco


    15. Jim W San Francisco VA Medical Center
      Overall Rating:

      My brother had 2 heart procedures done within a months time. We were blessed to have a couple of extremely talented cardiologist’s in there for Bernie Ruiz. Thank you Dr. Karen Raedher and Dr. Hall. You two are an asset to the hospital.

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