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    1. army1122 Aurora Outpatient Clinic
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      Horrible experience with Dr.Kressin, transferred to Dr. David Martinez at the Aurora Outpatient Clinic. Dr. Martinez forced a nurse, Yemsi Dania in to my appointment against my will stating it was a new nationwide policy called PACT. He stated that veterans have no choice and the nurse had to be told everything and the doctor couldn’t be burdened with telling the nurse all that transpired in the appointment. The nurse sat there staring at me and refused to answer questions. The doctor ended up threatening me to leave the appointment if I asked any questions about it. The doctor spoke at me like he was at a public speaking engagement spouting rehearsed information about treatments and drugs he had no intent on prescribing while looking at the clock. The doctor was combative about being questioned about anything, used street vernacular that was difficult to interpret and had the worse bedside manor of any physician I have ever encountered. After changing physicians from Kressin and being lied to about a new policy that forced persons in their appointment against their will, I surmised I was being set up. After reading Dr.Martinez falsified medical reports, I confirmed my suspicions. Both Dr.Martinez and Nurse Yemsi Dania colluded in falsifying my medical records to a criminal degree. This was the first time in 30 years a nurse ever wrote a detailed hostile report to include in my records. After doing a FOIA pull on my records and emails by Dania and Martinez I found out that in addition to their defamatory remarks Dr.Martinez filed a false DBC report or disciplinary behavior report stating he was threatened for the entire appointment by furtive forward movements of my crutch,.. which was in the corner of the room. Dr. Fartinez went as far as to email fellow doctors defaming my character and lying to staff to get me back-balled from future care stating he won’t see me again and nobody he knows will either. Dr.Martinez stated that I physically and verbally threatened multiple staff members which is complete fabrication in an attempt to get me barred. The appointment was audio recorded in full compliance with VA policy and Federal Law and did not interfere with the timely delivery of medical services. The Denver VA patient experience liaison or patient advocate as they are known refuses to remove their falsified derogatory comments in Federal record or remove the falsified DBC report or issue a formal apology for transferring my care to the main VA.

    2. Sad Veteran in San Antonio Aurora Outpatient Clinic
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      Awesome care! CLINIC Manager Ms Yazzie and her staff were outstanding! Helped me complete paperwork and got me in to see provider NP Katgy Rittenhouse she was ny provider for 9 yrs until a mentally unstable vetrran held her at gunpoint in her office. Then i was assisted in obtaining a new provider, with in weeks i was scheduled to see Dr Hameed. Wonderful Dr, no B S he took care of me until I moved to San Antonio, and now I can’t even get an appointment at the VA even though I have cardiac and pulmonary issues! I have flew back there twice assisted with O2 to get blood work and medication! If could breathe in Denver i would go back! While taunted as a great cavity within the VA I have yet to see the kind of care I received in Dennver in San Antonio! Great job Denver keep up the good work!

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