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    1. Profile photo of J.E.JenziJ.E.Jenzi Washington DC VA Medical Center
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      I’ve used this VAMC for 20+ years. I discovered it’s been quite useful when the time is vested in garnering relationships with employees e.g. Random acts of kindness and they’ll remember you in your time if need. Caveat…provided their not having a bad day initiated by their Supervisors and Interns OR simply don’t value their position/employment/servicing Veterans yet want to be compensated for the their job poorly performed. VA Veteran employees I have experienced have shown the tenacity to perform well with my health needs being paramount to completion.
      I consider
      myself a professional patient in having to self manage my care to insure all providers are on point with the necessity to consider/cross check my entire body/comorbities prior to any care deemed necessary as well as, value my input for my care!
      E.g. This VAMC can provide the medical services needed but needs the IG to perform/stay on top of the outstanding issues and keep looking and listening. This increases awareness, accountability, training and hence, quality care.

    2. Richard Storie Washington DC VA Medical Center
      Overall Rating:

      I used the Washington D.C. VA center for 8 years to provide medications. I had suffered for 35 years with knee injuries I had back in 1974 after I entered service. I asked the head orthopedic doctor if I could get a knee replacement so I could stop using 800 mg of Motrin. They told me they didn’t do knee replacements and would fuse my knees together to get pain relief…I said really? I paid $10,0000.00 for my new knees from a private orthopedic surgeon. Currently I have no problems with the knees but suffer tremendous stomach Cramps and Pain from over use of the 800 mg of Motrin they issued to me for many years.

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