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    2 Reviews on “VA Roseburg Healthcare System, Roseburg, Oregon”

    1. Michelle Murray VA Roseburg Healthcare System, Roseburg, Oregon
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      On two separate occasions, the lab at this facility failed to draw labs as ordered by my doctor. Ericka Collier in the lab eve had the audacity to state to me “That test is for sick people. Not healthy people like you. That’s for people with heart conditions.” Well, as someone with a history of heart problems, my doc knew what she was doing when the test was ordered. It’s not up to a lab worker to undermine the authority of my doctor to get a lab test run. Her decision to not run the tests impeded my ability to have my doctor diagnose and treat me in a timely fashion. I trusted them 6 weeks later with labs, and yet again, they failed to draw a critical test. So, I drove 1,674 miles to be seen at a VA in my hometown and guess what? Most of my labs were low or high, and I ultimately had to have a biopsy yesterday. It’s scary to think that if I continued treatment at this facility, I may very well have just wound up dead from a lack of proactive, preventative care. This facility is hands down one of the worst I’ve ever been seen in. I volunteer as a VSO for a particular Veteran’s organization. I will definitely warn Veterans to check, check and recheck anything done at this facility.

    2. George Branigan VA Roseburg Healthcare System, Roseburg, Oregon
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      I started going to Roseburg VA because the closest one to me,( White City VA) was the worst I have ever been to in my life.From the east coast to the west coast. Roseburg is a 200+ mile round trip for me,white city is around 24 miles round trip.When I first started going to Roseburg I was very impressed with the service,but that was short lived.Now I use the Veterans Choice Card and see civilian doctors now.This has been a godsend to me. I am tired of the revolving door of questionable ‘doctors’ who screw up everything they do.Last week I had to have surgery on my left hand for ANOTHER carpal tunnel release.The first one was done up at Roseburg VA in June of 2014,and it was botched from the get go.On 1-11-2017,(last week) it was corrected by a civilian doctor,and within 24 hours of the second surgery,my left hand started coming back to ‘life’. Oh thank God for the Veterans Choice card !! For the record,I am 100% SC/P&T two tour vietnam vet.

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