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    1. Sylvester R. Zembrzuski VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System - H.J. Heinz campus
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      In my review, I had forgot to mention the fact I had been lied to by Dr Gupta and Nurse Palma.
      Nurse stated she writes everything down and this was a lie as shown what she wrote.
      This hurt me so bad that when I went into the Military and was willing to give my life for my country,
      Was a guard and Protector for Audie L. Murphy, Night Sniper Trained, Polish Linguist, Photographer
      and have trouble with the VA Heinz System namely the two people I have previously mentioned.
      I am attempting contact with the State Representative to become familiar with some of the wrong
      that shows here that is wrong with the VA Issues.

    2. Sylvester R. Zembrzuski VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System - H.J. Heinz campus
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      I was under deep distress in losing my wife a couple weeks ago. The doctor Gupta and nurse Palma were most non compassionate for my needs and my existing medication was not given to me. Actually these people should not be
      affiliated with Veterans being they act more like investigators than Nurse and Doctor. I had no way to travel there being I was very unbalanced by distress and they insisted I come in and I am alone at 78 yrs of age. My many years of pain medication was not given to me of which I am in bad pain and nothing was given to me for my distress. I now have to try to buy my pain medication off the street and one can see this is where the cause of Opioid Problems start from.

    3. Don Piarulli VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System - H.J. Heinz campus
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      My primary care doctor is in Aspinwall, as is the dental clinic, and a number of other clinics I use. I have always found them to be caring, polite, and very much in tune to the patients needs. The dental clinic is very modern with caring staff and doctors. The eye clinic is also caring and not nearly as crowded as the one in the main VA hospital in Oakland. My primary care doctor is excellent, she cares very much about each and every veteran she cares for. I feel very fortunate to have a great VA facility close by.

    4. Profile photo of Linda FleegerLinda Fleeger VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System - H.J. Heinz campus
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      Ron had an amazing experience here
      Last fall he required extensive dental review due to a specialty drug he needs to take for Osteoporosis

      He does not fall under the guidelines for any dental care but total extractions were expensive. After I prodded the Dental Clinic in Butler, PA the dentist finally reviewed his records. He called the Dental Surgery Clinic here and in minutes the Chief of the dept agreed to civer tons dental care for medical reasons. They made an appt with in 2 days. Amazing care

      They understood our RV lifestyle and knew we had a volunteer commitment in VA. They explained that total extraction would require an overnight stay and that they did not believe they could get it scheduled within 39 days. But they also knew that sending us to an civilian facility would take just as long
      They quickly created a plan of action.
      Do uppers the next week and then have us return later for the lowers.

      Every person in this clinic is pleasant caring and appts are seen on time

      When we returned to the area this spring we realized he had a piece of bone working out ( very common event). I called and they had us come in 2 days later during the emergency clinic. They not only fixed the issue but adjusted his lower denture

      I cannot say enough about this clinic. .

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